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Saremi A, Zamanian M, Soltani L, Pooladi A. Pelvic Splenosis Mimicking Endometriosis; Dysmenorrhea an Endometrioma-like Mass in Sonography . SJRM. 2018; 3 (2) :127-131
URL: http://saremjrm.com/article-1-65-en.html
1- “Sarem Fertility & Infertility Research Center (SAFIR)” and “Sarem Cell Research Center (SCRC)”, Sarem Women’s Hospital, Tehran, Iran , Saremiat@yahoo.com
2- Sarem Women’s Hospital, Tehran, Iran
3- “Sarem Fertility & Infertility Research Center (SAFIR)” and “Sarem Cell Research Center (SCRC)”, Sarem Women’s Hospital, Tehran, Iran
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Patient Information: Spontaneous splenic transplantation and implant in in abdominal and pelvic regions is splenosis, which occurs after splenectomy followed by trauma and surgery. The clinical significance of splenic implant and the requirement for its removal are debatable. The cases of splenic implants in the pelvic zone have rarely been reported. Generally, these patients have no clinical features and are usually discovered by chance.
In this report, a 36-year-old woman with the history of splenectomy after an accident at the age of 4 was introduced with Dysmenorrhea and infertility; the primary diagnosis was endometriosis, but pathology results reported the splenosis. Whole tissues and implants of spleen around the ovary and choledosac were removed; following this, the patient’s pain was reduced and the overall health improved.
Conclusion: Splenosis can emerge as a benign condition in the abdomen and pelvis, and can show itself as a spread of tissue implants in the pelvic cavity. It can, however, easily be mistaken for endometriosis in imaging.

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Article Type: Case Report | Subject: Reproduction
Received: 2017/03/2 | Accepted: 2017/06/22 | Published: 2018/08/23

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