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1- Sarem Cell Research Center (SCRC), Sarem Women’s Hospital, Tehran, Iran , piroozsalehian@yahoo.com
2- ‎Medicine Department, Medicine Faculty, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran
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Aims: The normal architecture of bone marrow apparently is simple; however, there is an important feature that immature elements of bone marrow are never seen in peripheral blood of normal subjects and we can find these elements only in special conditions such as metastasis or leukemia. The aim of this study was to investigate the physical structure of bone marrow regarding fractal model and diffusion limited growth phenomenon.
Materials and Methods: The archived slides of bone marrow biopsies (n=31) were obtained from pathology lab of Rassoul Akram hospital and were studied by Image cytometric method using Image-Pro Plus software. In this method, total surface of cells (Sc), the surface of cell nuclei (Sn) and the number of bone marrow cells (Nn) were computed and the fractal indices were calculated by N=KrDf formula.
Findings: Fractal indices Sc, Sn and Nn were found as Df Sc=1.72±0.16, Df Sn=1.65±0.16 and Df Nn=1.7±0.13.
Conclusion: In normal conditions, the fractal indices are about 1.7 at two- and three-dimensional levels. This study, which was performed for the first time in Iran, shows that the structure of the bone marrow is fractal. 

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Article Type: Analytical Review | Subject: Sterility
Received: 2015/08/28 | Accepted: 2016/01/9 | Published: 2017/02/24

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